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Walking Aids

4 Wheeled Stroller This Stroller features easy to control lockable brakes and can be used inside and outside, It also has a seat for those that need to take a rest whilst walking. 50€ deposit required.
3 Days+ 11€/day
7 Days+ 7€/day   14 Days+ 6€/day
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Zimmer Frame This Zimmer Frame has two front wheel and all legs have non-slip rubber tips and is adjustable to suit different heights of users. 50€ deposit required
3 Days+ 9€/day
7 Days+ 5€/day 14Days + 3€/day
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Crutches These crutches are designed for either short term or long-term use. It has an orthopaedic handle for user comfort, and the forearm cuffs are vinyl coated. 50€ deposit required.
 7 Days+ 4€/day
14 Days+ 3€/day
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